Competition: Plot for Peace DVD


I recently watched the historical thriller PLOT FOR PEACE.
It probably isn’t really the type of film that I would choose to sit and watch but it was surprisingly Interesting once I got into it.
Plot for Peacetells the untold story of mysterious French Businessman Jean Yves Ollivier and his behind-the-scenes work and negotiations he held to assist in the eventual release of the world-wide icon: Nelson Mandela. Unveiling the well-kept secret of his imprisonment, the documentary style-film details Mandela’s release, including interviews with heads of state, generals, diplomats, master spies and anti-apartheid fighters, revealing how Africa’s front line states helped end apartheid.


With exclusive interviews from current and former heads of state, PLOT FOR PEACE reveals a picture of a man integral to the historical negotiations responsible for freeing Mandela, previously hidden from public view and omitted from history. Operating as a life-line for top-secret contacts, Ollivier conceived and…

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